Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rainy nights

Late last night as I was laying in bed, I couldn't help but listen to the rain outside. It wasn't a horrific storm or anything- just a rain shower not unusual to Houston. It was so comforting to be in my cozy bed and know that my family was safe from the rain. My little ones didn't even know it had rained. They were truly sheltered from this little storm. As I lay there, I began thinking about how I wish I could protect my children from all the storms of life. Physical protection seems so easy compared to the protection of worldly influences. I sometimes struggle knowing what is the best way to teach them what they will need to help them through the storms of life that surely lie ahead. I'm amazed of how pervasive and influential worldly influences are. I know that right now during the early years of my children's life I'm laying the foundation for many things to come. I sure hope I'm doing all I can to provide them with the protection they will need. I know there will be many more sleepless nights ahead as I wonder what I can do for them. Oh the dilemmas of motherhood!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is just two days away- hope everyone has a day of fabulous feasting and gracious gratitude! The weather is finally turning fallish so it's beginning to feel like the holidays. My sister and her three children were planning on coming for the holiday but they got hit with a stomach virus and are staying home. Sharing something like that would make for a memorable yet very miserable time. We'll just have to eat all the foods ourselves or find someone else to fill their spots. The rest of my family (well most of them) are gathering in Ogden, Utah for my grandma's 85th birthday. She is a remarkable woman who will always welcome anyone into her home, feed them and send them home with food. She has taught me how important it is to focus on your family and to make serving them the highest priority. I've learned from her the sacredness of quiet time together. I sure wish I could be there but I am trying to honor her by learning from her example.

My parents recently received a call to serve as missionaries in Guadalajara, Mexico. They will be helping college aged men and women with their educational needs. They don't leave until the end of March so hopefully we can visit them before they leave for 18 months.

Tonight as I was getting the kids ready for bed Gideon came walking into the family room with his arms folded and knelt down next to me all ready for family prayer. It was the cutest thing to see this little toddler recognizing the tradition of praying as a family before going to bed. I love my little boy!

Yesterday a little boy came to play that Sierra hadn't played with before. They were happily playing in her room while I visited with his mom when a very loud argument erupted. When I went in to see what the commotion was all about I nearly burst out laughing. The little boy was adamant that he was spider man and could climb on the walls, the bed, etc. Sierra who hasn't been exposed yet to the wonders of superheros was vehemently telling him that no he wasn't spider man and there was no way he could do those things. Neither could be convinced they were wrong. Kids just make me laugh.

Last weekend we went camping to a nearly state park that is also an alligator refuge. It was a pretty cold weekend (by Texas standards) so we weren't able to spot any gators. We did have a great time snuggling in sleeping bags and huddling around a fire. Here are some pictures.

Searching for gators on a cold Saturday morning.

Smores anyone?

Gideon got his two top teeth while camping so he wasn't quite a happy camper but he did chow down on graham crackers and chocolate.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Happy Halloween!! Mary Poppins and Bert the Chimney Sweep made a few appearances at the Zoo, the Children's Museum, Trunk or Treating and a fun party at Craig's work. It's been a busy holiday. Sierra decided on Halloween morning that she wanted to be Cinderella so she wore her little dress up clothes to the park where we watched the play "Beauty and the Beast". The clothes are a little small and barely covered her so I made her take them off when we got home. I guess I got busy and didn't realize she never put clothes back on and next thing I knew my 25 pound bag of flour was used to create her new costume- a ghost! Those pictures are not suitable for publishing cause remember she had nothing on but lots and lots of flour. If only I could have snapped to get that mess cleaned up.