Thursday, February 11, 2010


Love is in the air this time of year. Here are some of my loves:

  • I love being home with my children
  • I love eating fresh whole wheat bread
  • I love that my parents have sacrificed just about everything to serve the Lord as missionaries in Mexico
  • I love that my new apartment has a garage- attached!
  • I love days when we go nowhere and just hang out together as a family
  • I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that the peace I feel and the great love in my heart comes from my Savior.
  • I love that my parents, my big sisters (4 of them) and my little brothers (4 of them) connect everyday- thank you
  • I love that pure burst of joy when my 2 year old does something he couldn't do before
  • I love the blogs from good friends that help me keep in touch and inspire me
  • I love that my husband has a job that he loves and that is now just 1.25 miles from our home.
  • I love sunshine
  • I love that my 4 year old dances everyday and would rather snuggle on the couch with mom or dad and a good book than do just about anything.
  • I love that I live in America
  • I love the power in myself that I feel after I go for a good morning run
  • I love reading the Book of Mormon and learning from those great scripture hero's
  • I love that my little ones now drink spinach and call it dinosaur juice
  • I love the goodness that surrounds me in this world.

Happy Valentine's Day!