Friday, October 10, 2008

Count Your Blessings

It's been a tough week economically for most of the world. Watching the stock market stumble has caused me to pause a number of times and count my blessings.

We get to buy a house! Last month we contracted to build a house in beautiful Fall Creek. It's a cute 3 bedroom house with a playroom and a nature reserve behind us. It won't be ready until next spring so in the meantime we are just grateful to have an apartment to live in that is finally bed bug free. Little side note on the apartment living... this morning Sierra decided she needed to go to the apartment office to get a cookie. She got on her shoes and walked out the front door- by herself! Fortunately, though I was rocking Gideon to sleep, I heard the door open and quickly brought her back in. She was upset and told me that her "Big Self" would be ok going to the office without me.

I am grateful for libraries! Each week I get to take my kiddos downtown and browse through books, music, magazines, movies and take home whatever I want for free! Reading to my children everyday is something we all look forward to and having new books each week sure makes it fun.

Lastly, I'm grateful for nap time and the chance I have for an hour a day to read my scriptures in a quiet home. I know that both of them won't nap at the same time forever, but for now I'm grateful for the time to reinforce an eternal perspective on life and all it's craziness.