Saturday, April 17, 2010

We Love Spring!

Here's what we've been up to in my over two months of blogging absence:
  • Starting food storage- finally! I have enough oats and wheat for one month. Got to start somewhere.

  • Making our own bread. So delicious and much easier than you think. Here's one of my favorite whole wheat bread recipes:

  • Learning to speak! Six months ago, Gideon began speech therapy due to verbal apraxia. He is now speaking at age appropriate levels. I can finally communicate with my little guy! It's amazing how his progress has lowered the frustration levels in our home.

  • Watching our new home be built. At the end of June our home should be finished and we can say adios to apartment living- yahoo!

  • Spending lots of time outdoors. I can't remember a more beautiful spring in Texas. We've gone camping, explored big parks and spent many many afternoons at local parks.

  • Playing soccer and "baseball". Sierra has become a little sporty girl who wants to play soccer and hit balls with tennis racquet's at any chance. I toyed with the idea of getting her a real bat then quickly realized that a small apartment, a bat and a two year old boy just don't mix well.

  • Going on fun dates. Craig and I went to a Houston rockets game last month and went to a Miller Outdoor Theater production of Cats this month. We both look forward to these nights when parenting responsibilities are put aside and we can focus on having fun together.

  • Teaching the primary children the stories from the Old Testament. A great opportunity to learn more about the amazing men and women who made righteous choices for the benefit of generations.

  • Trying to spend more time with each other rather than the computer.