Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Since it's been so long since I've updated this blog, I figured I better just stick with a few recent highlights:
Craig: He turned 30 on Sunday! We celebrated at my sisters house in Corpus Christi with my nine day old nephew! At work he just moved out of finance to program management. It's a great opportunity for him however, the travel involved isn't much fun for me. He's been gone all week and wouldn't you know the battery on the truck died so I've been somewhat stranded at home counting down to Thursday night when he gets home. Thankfully he called our home teacher who came and fixed the problem tonight. Yeah! Now I don't have to do my grocery shopping with the stroller.

Craig's feeling's about turning 30

Gideon: Finally said his first word! It was "hi" as he held a play phone to his ear. I'm pretty sure he also said "dog" the other day too. Though his speech is delayed he still manages to communicate through gestures and grunts. I can hardly wait until he calls me mama. He is at a delightful stage where everything is funny and his giggles are heard most of the day. I love this boy!

He loved his first ice cream cone

Sierra: Is our little chatterbox that talk about anything and has a question about everything. She is fascinated with becoming an astronaut and wants to go live on the moon with her daddy (mommy's and little brothers have to stay on earth). She is very empathetic and covers you with band aids for any and all wounds. She seriously makes me laugh out loud every single day.

Sierra loved playing at the beach and searching for seashells and starfish

Me: I put six weeks of training to the test and ran a leg in a marathon relay in Corpus Christi. I ended up running the leg that went up and over a huge bridge. I really enjoyed the experience (especially the finish line) and am so grateful to my wonderful husband for supporting me especially on those long runs Saturday morning. This was hard for me but I just couldn't help but feel grateful for a strong, capable body. What a blessing!!

This is the end of the race and I had just spotted Craig and the kids