Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh What Do You Do In The Summertime

Here's what we do in the summertime...

Search for flitty floating butterflies at the butterfly garden.
Watch plays and listen to concerts at the outdoor theater.

Turn our cream leather couch into a canvas with an ink pen- oh no, that's not really what you should do, but it happens and it does come off .

Make sure the goats at the petting zoo are well groomed.

Throw Princess Parties! We spent our preschool time one week learning about fairy tales and the associated brave knights and pretty princesses. It was fitting to cap it off with a royal ball.

Visit local community helpers. The kids were both very hesitant with the fire station visit, though I found it fascinating. (Yes, my hair seems to match the fire truck. Another thing you shouldn't do in the summertime is go crazy with hair dye, semi-permanent or not.)

Have a family 4th! We hosted a 4th of July party with my sister and her four children and my cousin and her five children (yes that makes 11 children when you add my two). It was crazy and fun and unforgettable.

Splash in whatever water you can.

Enjoy the beautiful flowers in full bloom.

Spend an afternoon at a museum. This is the Museum of Health Science and their 4D movie about cells.

Play at parks...but only at 8am.
As you can see, we are having a wonderful summer as we attempt to make the most of this sweltering time of year. We hope you are also enjoying the joys that come during this season.