Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He did it!

Craig got a job!! After many months of unemployment post MBA graduation, we are thrilled with the opportunity for employment. He will be a financial analyst for a software company in Houston. He is excited to be moving back to Texas to the state he loves, though I know he would be even more excited if the job was in the oil/gas industry. He and my brother-in-law are leaving Friday with the U-haul for the trek. We decided driving 4 days with two little ones wasn't such a great idea so I'm flying with the kids next week. It's happened so fast that my mind is just whirling with the things to do- find a place to live (anyone know of a great place in Houston?), pack our stuff, prepare the children, spend time with our families before we move far far away, etc. It's a little overwhelming but I'm happy to be overwhelmed for this. We lived in Houston for two years before he went back to school, and Houston is where I served as a missionary so I am very familiar with the area. Nonetheless, it'll be an adventure I'm sure.
My sickie kids are doing much better- hallelujah! Gideon ended up with RSV (and unfortunately passed it on to his 7 week old cousin) and double ear infections. Sierra's asthma is under control and we are slowly returning to normal life- whatever normal is for us anymore.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I've spent the last two days laying on my bed with two sick kids laying on me. I've watched more TV in these two days then in the last two months- ok not quite but it feels like it. It's days like these that I'm grateful I get to be home with them and especially grateful that we have insurance now (it only took 4 months) so a doctor visit is possible. Sierra has a respiratory infection which triggered her asthma. I've suspected she's had asthma for a while, but now that I have an official prognosis I can treat her more effectively- bring on the breathing treatments! I haven't taken Gideon into the doctor because what can they do- he throws up everything that enters his mouth. I just heard the finishing beep of the fourth load of throw-up laundry today. Craig has been out of town- he always seems to be out of town when the kids are ill. He was in Colorado last week and is in Texas this week. They can't be sick forever and the down time has been relaxing but I'm ready to get out of this room!