Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summertime Fun

When I started this blog nearly three years ago I posted just about every week. Then it became once a month and I'm afraid that now it's become a seasonal blog. So what have we been doing now that it's summer? Roasting in the heat? Swimming in the pool? Hunkering down in the air conditioning? YES! Summers in the south are hot but at least they are green and beautiful. Our biggest news is that now we have a HOUSE!! About three weeks ago we moved in to a beautiful new home. My kiddos can now somersault and run and dance- all in the house! And if they get too rambunctious they can go OUTSIDE!! Craig has been happily busy with house projects. We now have a stereo surround sound system, handles on all our cabinets, an entertainment center, etc. It's been fun to see his handy man side a bit. He has also helped me out on our new PRESCHOOL. I've decided to open a little preschool in our home. Butterflies & Bullfrogs Preschool will be opening fall semester. I can hardly wait to teach little ones in my home. Until then we will continue to meet our new friends, swim at the pool and enjoy this beautiful place called HOME!