Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Being three seems to be the same regardless of the decade.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Favorite Things

Move over Oprah- here are some of my favorite things:
Craig got me these awesome storage containers for Christmas. They are air-tight, stackable and I love being able to see how much food I have.
These are microfiber cleaning cloths that allow me to use very little cleaning products. My fixtures are shiny and my mirrors are streak free (at least for a minute). I got them at Target. They were a little pricey by my standards but are well worth it.Sneaky Chef cookbooks. Since my husband and daughter's only vegetable consumption is that found in pasta sauce, this idea works well for us. I sneak in the veggies and they eat the food and I feel great about them eating a little healthier.

Teach Me Mommy is a fantastic preschool curriculum for moms like me who want to do preschool at home with their little ones. It's simple, fun and doesn't require too much prep, yet it's effective. I've done it with Sierra for two weeks now and so far we both love it and look forward to preschool.

Wow! It's pretty obvious I'm a stay at home mom from my list. On another note, last week was a big week for us: Gideon gave up the bottle for good, Sierra gave her beloved binky to a pink bear at Build-A-Bear (it worked great!), Gideon is transitioning from two naps to one and Sierra is deciding she just may be done with naps all together. Craig went back to work after a long glorious holiday at home and Sierra started Sunbeams at church. After a holiday hiatus I started running again and Craig just got called to be the Executive Secretary at church. Whew it's been busy!