Monday, December 17, 2007

Terrific Two's Here we Come!

Sierra turned 2 years old on Saturday. It hardly seems possible that just two years ago she made her tumultuous entrance into this world. She was very excited for the big day and would do a little dance and pronounce "Happy!" (she can't quite say birthday yet). It was great to be able to celebrate her birthday with both our families and our Thunderbird friends the Svetz's. She is such a fun girl to be around as she finds excitement and joy in the littlest things. It is truly wonderful to have a toddler around with fresh eyes of this world. She can also be a handful at times as she is pretty strong willed. Last night for dinner she insisted on eating out of a yellow bowl with an ice cream scoop as her utensil. She did eat all her dinner though so-whatever works.

Here's our two year old-complete with outta control hair and a messy, though happy face.Opening presents with Daddy.