Friday, April 25, 2008

Play Time

Last week my little brother and I got the bright idea to jump out of the two story barn onto the trampoline in my parent's backyard. Well it was super fun but we both felt it afterwards. I want to be able to do crazy things even as I get older so I thought I'd better get in shape. So this week I started doing yoga every morning. Well I hurt more from the yoga than from my jumping. I should probably just give up the yoga and play more.Spring is here which means you never know what the weather will bring here in northern Nevada. It was a particularly nice afternoon so I took my four charges outside(two of mine and two of my sisters). We lasted just long enough for a breath or two of fresh air and a picture before meltdown occurred, which happens often with 4 babies (2, 14 mo., 6 mo., and 3 weeks). Gideon is getting so big! He's seven months old today. He sits up like a champ, is sleeping mostly through the nigh and is really beginning to be a happy boy. We love having him in our home!
Sierra got to enjoy some four wheeling fun with her Auntie who spent her spring break with us.
My nephew turned six and had a party at my parents house complete with a pinata. Sierra played on the trampoline and in the bounce house with the group of rowdy boys like she was one of them, but when it came time to hit the pinata she couldn't bear to. Of course, she had no problem eating her share of candy that came tumbling out of it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


There are so many moments throughout the day when I am just filled with the joy of motherhood. I love being home with my children! Motherhood was a long time in coming to me and I spent a number of years on the "career track". Perhaps that is why I can honestly say there is nowhere else I would rather be. I've been deeply saddened as I've contemplated returning to that working world again as Craig looks for a job. What would I miss- everything! The other night I was putting the children to bed and I began singing to them and Gideon just bursts out laughing (Craig is the one with the good voice in the family-not me). Well that sent Sierra into fits of giggles, which made Gideon laugh even harder. It was a priceless moment to listen to these two little ones giggle like crazy. I wouldn't trade it for the world.