Friday, March 27, 2009

Called to Serve

My parents have been called on a mission to Guadalajara, Mexico working with the Perpetual Education Fund and the Church Educational System. They've sent eight of us kids on missions so finally it is their turn to spend their days serving the Lord. We will miss them terribly but I know what they will be doing will bless so many lives. This deserved a grand farewell fiesta so my children and I flew to Sparks, Nevada. Seven of my eight siblings were able to come join the festivities and with Craig's family living just a few miles away, we were surrounded by lots of family. What a wonderful feeling! We played and played and were completely worn out after two weeks. Craig came and spent a long weekend with us and we were actually able to get away for a night together (thanks Grandma). It's amazing how rejuvenating it is to leave behind mothering and housewife task for even just a day. Now we are back to the regular routine with the bonus of a fantastic jogging stroller that allows me to run each day even if I don't make it to the gym at 6am. Sierra and her cousin spent hours jumping on the trampoline.
One of Craig's favorite things to do at his parents home is to ride ATV's around their property. Even though it was freezing, the kids seemed to enjoy it too.

My parents and most of my siblings (one sister wasn't able to come as she's due to have a baby soon and another brother was there but was napping with his son and missed the picture)

Gideon was mesmerized by the snowfall!
Gideon's first hair cut by his Grandpa