Friday, August 29, 2008

Great Advice

Be forewarned this post is not for the squeamish! Last Thursday I went into the kids room to check on them before I went to bed. I usually just peek in, but that night I walked in because Sierra was sprawled out on the floor and I noticed one of her dolls in Gideon's bed- too much bedtime fun I thought. I reached in to retrieve the doll when I noticed that Gideon's skin was crawling with bugs. I screamed and woke up the entire house- wouldn't you? We moved the kids to our bed and got them back to sleep then went about the horrible process of discovery hundreds of bed bugs bedding with my children. I was beyond grossed out and literally felt sick thinking about them crawling all over the kids at night. It's been a nightmare since then trying to eradicate our home of them. Before the exterminator could come, I had to wash every article of clothing in our home and bag it up (yes, winter clothes, blankets, towels, everything!), and move everything from closets and bedrooms into the living room. Ok, we live in a 800 square foot apartment- the closets were stuffed full and the living room was filled with our couch. It was pure craziness doing it all, but we did it and the exterminator came Wednesday. Thanks to our T-bird friend Clint who let us stay with him while the bug juice filled our apartment (and Jen who offered her home). I've been slowly trying to get things back in order but the thing is I keep finding more bugs. We called the guy back and asked if it was normal and he said no and that he would be back today. So now I've halted all unpacking until I found out what to do next. I have a feeling this will be a long process. It's staggering to think about the costs of all this. We had to throw away one mattress, Gideon's bed, Sierra's beloved doll house, lots of toys, sheets and baskets. The bug guy alone cost $485 (yes, the apartment refused to pay for it saying it was an "unusual" bug and they only treat for usual ones). The biggest cost has been our peace of mind. Sierra constantly talks about bugs and won't sleep in her bed (so we gave Gideon her bed and let her sleep in a chair). It's all just so disgusting. Hopefully by next week I'll be able to see a silver lining in all this. The best advice I could give anyone right now is ALWAYS check for bed bugs when you sleep in a motel- no matter how nice it looks, and especially if it looks crummy. If sheets or mattresses have little spots on them (fecal matter and blood), or you wake up with little red bites get out of there quick.

Sierra and Gideon were good sports about spending ALL day in the laundry room. Drowned bed bugs from Gideon's bed.
The kids having fun in the midst of major chaos.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday is a Special Day!

Saturdays have become my new favorite day of the week. A whole day to play with Craig! The kids are always so excited when I tell them daddy doesn't have to work. Today his work sponsored a day at the downtown aquarium. We had so much fun playing (for free!). Sierra rode the carousel four times then later in the evening Craig went back with just Sierra and rode some more. I stayed at home for the evening jaunt with Gideon who is finally teething and not feeling so hot (yes he is a little late- 10 1/2 months and finally getting his first tooth).

Gideon enjoyed the carousel as well.
In Sierra's words, "The Ferris Wheel was super fun!"
Yes that is my husband with a pink butterfly painted on his cheek. The things dad's do for their little girls!

Last Saturday we had the incredible opportunity to wander around the temple in Houston for a while. Though it was a steamy hot afternoon, we walked all around admiring the beautiful building and the gorgeous grounds in full summer bloom.
Sierra loved the fountain and watching a bride in her beautiful dress.

Gideon just wanted to explore everything he could- including the leaves on the trees.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sweet & Spunky Sierra

So I thought I'd blog about my kids today since it's a rainy day and the kids are taking extra long naps. (thank you tropical storm Eduardo).

Five things about Sierra we love!
  1. Sierra is a social butterfly. She loves to play with anyone and everyone. She asks nearly everyday if she can play with friends. I think she loves church just because she gets to go to the nursery and play with other children.

  2. She sings all the time even if it's often in a very high pitched tone that isn't' easy on the ears. On a little road trip to Austin last weekend she was singing a song from the musical "South Pacific". She loves musicals. Hands down this girl would rather watch a musical than any cartoon or kids show. Her current favorite is "Sound of Music".

  3. She is a happy girl who rarely has a bad day. She giggles and smiles all the time. She gets very concerned if others are sad. She often puts her arms around someone who isn't happy and asks them what is wrong (usually Gideon).

  4. She is very inquisitive. She wants to know what everyone is doing and asks lots of questions about the people around her. The train is especially fun for her because there are so many people to ask about.
  5. She truly has an innocence about her. She wants to do the right thing and has no guile. She is an amazing example to me already! We love having her in our family!

Sierra riding the little train around the park.
My little artist painting away with water.
She embraces her femininity fully!

Sierra singing to her animals and dolls.