Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

A new year is so exciting to me. A time to start fresh and celebrate the potential we see within ourselves. This year my list of resolutions grows with each day. Here are a few I'll share:
  • Eat cookies on the weekends only
  • Pay cash for groceries (when it's gone, it's gone)
  • Run a 10k this spring
  • Attend the temple at least monthly
  • Learn to cook five good meals
  • Go on a hike with my children each month
  • Study my scriptures sitting up at my desk each day (so I don't fall asleep)
  • Go on a date with my handsome husband each month
  • Spend more time reflecting on the blessings from above
  • Take new pictures of my kiddos and update this blog!

Perhaps I'm a bit ambitious as this is just a few that I'm planning on working through this year. But just for today I'm going to move full steam ahead and then tomorrow I'll do it and then the next and hopefully in a few weeks, then months I'll be more of where I need to be. Hooray for the possibilities of change!!


Clint n Britta's tribe said...

Those sound like good resolutions. I need to make my list. Thanks for the inspiration. I love the new possibilities of the new year too.

Jeanie Anderson said...

I really like the cookies on weekends only one...that sounds more realistic for me than cutting them out of the diet all together.

Jen Petty said...

I love reading resolutions and yours are great! We can help with the temple one... Let's swap! Good luck with the rest. Eating healthier is on our list too.